At-Home & On-Site:

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Services Provided at your residence or office location:

a2b's in home and in office services are performed by skilled technicians that know how to fix your problems. Our technicians are always courteous and will gladly take time to explain things in words anyone can understand. At a2b our customers always come first.

Check out our huge list of services below! (organized by most common to least common)

Hardware Services - On-Site
  • Hard Drives - a2b can diagnose a failed hard drive and transport the system to and from our office for repairs.
  • RAM Upgrades - a2b can install additional ram in your PC, usually this part needs to come from our offices so please be sure to let us know the model of your PC.
  • Video Cards - a2b can install new video cards at your location.
  • Audio Visual Integration - a2b can configure your computer to connect to your home theater system.

Software Services - On-Site
  • General Troubleshooting - By far our most popular in-home and in-office service, a2b technicians will help you solve virtually any errors or problems that you might be having with your PC. We can find solutions for errors and help you determine the most efficient route for dealing with any problems you may be experiencing.
  • Anti-Virus & Mal-Ware Removal - a2b can diagnose an infection in the field, though usually it is in the financial interest of the client for us to perform the backup and cleanup of the system at our offices.
  • Optimization - a2b can make your PC boot as fast as it did when it was brand new, without the cost of expensive additional hardware. This service is also usually included as part of our Anti-Malware services.
  • Anti-Virus Software Sales - a2b can install and update Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software at your location
  • Software Installation - a2b can install and configure a wide variety of 3rd party software.
  • Backup Software - a2b can install convenient, automated backup software and show you how to backup and restore your computer.
Laptop Services - On-Site
  • Diagnosis - Due to the nature of laptops, most repairs are done at our store. However, failed drives, operating system reloads etc. can be diagnosed in the field at your location.

Network Services - On-Site
  • Wireless Routers - a2b can install and configure a wireless router to work with your ISP.
  • Network Cards - a2b can install wireless and gigabit wired network cards at your location
  • Wiring   Cable Services - a2b can install ethernet cable into existing and new construction buildings.
  • Troubleshooting - a2b can diagnose and repair network problems at your location